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Hello, and welcome to Leeds English Language School. In this exercise we are going to look at words connected to Lifestyle.


Level Guide :  Skill: Reading – Level: Pre-Intermediate – Activity: Gap fill – Topic: Longest Married Couple


Read this information before completing the activities below:




Fill the gaps in the sentences using these key words from the text.

  1. A person whose legs don’t work uses a _____________.
  2. A ____________ is a piece of paper to show you have completed a course successfully.
  3. If something is done by people in authority (e.g. The Police), it is _______.
  4. If someone is _________, it means they don’t have much money.
  5. If someone gives you something, you __________ it.
  6. _________ is another word for tradition.
  7. If you ____________, it means you do something fun to show that an occasion is special (e.g. a birthday).
  8. _______________ can be used to describe two people who are married or involved in a romantic relationship with each other.
  9. If you do everyday work around the house, it is known as _____ _______ .
  10. ____________ are people who are in your family.


Reading: Part 1

Reading: Part 1

b. Find the information

Look at the text and find the information as quickly as possible.

  1. How long have the couple been married?
  2. How old is Yang Wan?
  3. How long were the American couple married for?
  4. When did they get married?
  5. Which day were they given the certificate?
  6. Which town were the American couple from?
  7. What was the colour of Mr Liu’s suit?
  8. When did Mr Liu stop working on the farm?
  9. How old was Yang Wan when she went to work on the farm?
  10. Who gave the Taiwanese couple the certificate?


Reading: Part 2

Reading: Part 2

c. Scanning practice

Find the word in the text, then write the following word next to it.

Example: Custom  among

  1. Longest _______
  2. Poor _______
  3. Future _______
  4. Sang _______
  5. Held _______
  6. Officially _______
  7. Difficulty _______
  8. Late _______
  9. Household _______
  10. Satin _______

d. Comprehension check

According to the text are these statements true (T) or false (F)?

  • Mr & Mrs Liu are Taiwan’s longest married couple.
  • Yang Wan is older than her husband.
  • The Taiwanese couple married when they were teenagers.
  • The couple celebrated by singing.
  • Yang Wan was standing next to her husband.


A) Keywords

1. wheelchair, 2. certificate, 3. official, 4. poor, 5. receive, 6. custom, 7. celebrate, 8. couple, 9. chores, 10. relatives

B) Find the information

1. 85 years, 2. 102 years old, 3. 83 years, 4. April 1917, 5. Monday, 6. Lexington, Kentucky, 7. Brown, 8. 20 years ago, 9. 5 years old, 10. The Guinness Book of Records

C) Scanning practice

1. Longest married, 2. Poor Taiwanese, 3. Future husband’s, 4. Sang folk, 5. Held hands, 6. Officially out-done, 7. Difficulty hearing, 8. Late teens, 9. Household chores, 10. Satin gown

D) Comprehension check

1. F – The world’s longest married couple. 2. F – She is 1 year younger. 3. T, 4. T, 5. F – She was sitting in a wheelchair.



BBC News Story


Do you know someone who has been married for a very long time?
Do you think marriage is a good idea? Why?

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